June 07 & 08, 2023
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Darin Feinstein

Darin Feinstein is the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Core Scientific (CORZ). Mr. Feinstein also founded Blockcap, a digital asset mining company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Mr. Feinstein and the Blockcap team combined the assets of five pre-existing Bitcoin mining companies as well as acquired blockchain services firms.

Darin Feinstein graduated from University of Arizona with a degree in accounting and later went on to earn his juris doctor degree (J.D.) before starting his legal career as a lawyer for a real estate investment banking firm. Mr. Feinstein practiced law as in-house counsel for a short period of time before founding his own boutique investment banking firm specializing in distressed asset purchases.

Throughout the early 2000s, Feinstein’s entrepreneurialism saw him found and/or participate in several projects throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. These projects included real estate, hospitality, entertainment, and technology companies.

In 2011 Mr. Feinstein recognized the significance of The Bitcoin Network’s innovation to accounting. Which he believed to be the most significant change to record-keeping ever to take place. That change was the creation for the first time ever of an unalterable record, allowing for on-chain immutability without the risk of human error or human trust. From that time forward Mr. Feinstein has devoted most of his time to educating and building value on or in related ventures to that Network.


Darin Feinstein opening Miners Summit, College Station, Texas, 2022