How important is software to your business?

Can software improve your bottom line?

Come to Miners Summit and discover innovative software that specifically addresses the industrial demands of data centers, energy suppliers, and industrial manufacturing.

Software exhibitors at MS2021 have ways to help you reduce your costs while improving your facility and systems. Software addresses everything. Power consumption, network speed and security, and digital currency to name a few.

As smart cities are becoming reality in real time, from design to deployment, software is how your power and data will contribute to this massive global undertaking. Robotics, autonomous delivery and driving, IoT and many other industrial applications are sometimes overshadowed by game developers and Instagram filters, but the amount of data used by industrial tech and smart cities will be enormous.

Our industrial innovation roundtable discussions will feature software providers with real world applications that will excite and inspire you and your customers. Applications that are only now being revealed, and only to the industries that need them.

Miners Summit, Where Tech and Energy Meet is the most important event in North America if you are involved with industrial technology. Every major data center, Bitcoin miner, and energy supplier will benefit by in person networking and our industrial technology round table discussions. Register today and be at Lake of the Ozarks, June 15 and 16 for MS2021.

Our Codefair and Hackathon will be at The Lodge of Four Seasons on June 14th, 2021. Featuring STEM students from Missouri and the Midwest, broadcast live globally. Meet and discover what the industrial engineers of tomorrow are doing today.