Energy is regulated as aggressively as banking and finance.

Data centers are not very far behind. As Bitcoin gains in value, and popularity, governments will be there to greet this nascent technology, not with an Edible Arrangement, but with regulations. This is undeniable and unavoidable.

MS2021 features local and federal authorities who participate in our industrial technology and innovation round table discussions. Clarity of regulatory requirements is critical as multi billion dollar investments are made in our nascent industry.

Where are the most favorable places to operate?

What is the all-in price of power?

Carbon tax? Renewable energy requirements?

What incentives are available?

Are there tax advantages that can be unlocked by CAPEX and OPEX investment?

Who are authorities that can be a resource for our existing and expanding operations?

Make a list of questions and concerns that are specific to your facility and product before you attend. MS2021 is a trade show and convention that will help you get answers and solutions. With great opportunity comes great regulation. This is more than just a barrier to entry, it can be a moat that protects the innovators and entrepreneurs who successfully navigate regulations, as well as advises the regulators.

If your business involves energy or technology, MS2021 is a must attend trade show and convention. Every major data center, Bitcoin miner, and energy supplier will benefit by in person networking and our industrial technology round table discussions. Register today and be at The Lodge of Four Seasons in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, June 15 and 16 for MS2021.