Building and operating data centers and high tech manufacturing facilities requires a tremendous amount of collaboration.

Incentives are sometimes demonized and met with scorn. However, not all incentives are equal, many are pragmatic, and even virtuous. An expedited permit and an enthusiastic, cooperative zoning board can sometimes be the difference between thousands of high tech jobs, and millions of dollars in CapEx investment for a community and county.

Resources and the energy required by industry of our size and scale, demand data centers and high-tech manufacturing businesses carefully analyze where they locate, and who they collaborate with. Not all facilities are appropriate for all environments. Resources, which include every one of us, are critical for success. Considerations like power available, workforce, zoning, transportation and logistics are the tip of an enormous, industrial iceberg. For good reason, expansion can be slow, and tedious.

Large, chunky deals and agreements can be done efficiently when trust and enthusiasm exists between parties. America has seen industry exodus overseas, and like a pendulum, North America is witnessing its return. As incentives and tax policy change, so does the direction capital travels. Miners Summit facilitates enthusiasm and deal making. In a competitive global race to build the technology of tomorrow, the resources and relationships nurtured at Miners Summit can be the difference between winning the race, or watching it happen on your iPhone.

Miners Summit, Where Tech and Energy Meet is the most important event in North America if you are working with industrial technology. Every major data center, Bitcoin miner, and energy supplier will benefit by in person networking and our industrial technology round table discussions. Register today and be at The Lodge of Four Seasons, June 15 and 16 for MS2021.