Bitcoin Miners are Mining Digital Gold

Bitcoin has quietly become the most popular kid attending Silicon Valley U. While Bitcoin miners and data centers have become the largest users of power in North America, Bitcoin’s functionality and potential has captured the hearts and minds of Silicon Valley founders, corporate executives, FOREX traders and market makers, and even students attending STEM schools and universities.

Public companies have been acquiring and accumulating Bitcoin. This link to Bitcoin Treasuries is tracking the documented Bitcoin holdings on corporate balance sheets of public companies. Could the position of Bitcoin held by public corporations become a factor in the value of their share price in 2021 and beyond? Bitcoin is a deflationary asset with a cap of 21 million Bitcoins to be mined. Do the corporations holding Bitcoin in their treasury create additional scarcity for this innovative asset?

If you are operating data centers, it is in your business interests to learn more about Bitcoin as it has become a major disruptor of the status quo. If you are a power provider, you may want to be prepared for innovation in digital currency and proof of work mining being led by Bitcoin developers, miners, and speculators.

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