Miners Summit is MS2021

MS2021 is a trade show and convention established for data center operators and energy suppliers to meet, collaborate, and build the data and connectivity required for the 2020s and beyond.

Once “futuristic” concepts like autonomous vehicles, smart cities, IoT, and digital currency have been increasingly integrated into our everyday lives.  Every sphere of human endeavor—whether work, education, or leisure—has become more remote and more online–and this is a trend that promises to accelerate.  MS2021 is designed to provide the architects and builders of these nascent systems—and the energy infrastructure that powers them—with opportunities to meet and formulate solutions, both face-to-face and digitally.

MS2021 is a showcase for providers of hardware and software for data centers and blockchain technology. Here, decision-makers in the data center and blockchain space can freely discuss critical deal points with these providers. From technical specs and energy requirements to tariffs and government incentives, MS2021 fosters a culture and forum to facilitate innovation and forge strategic partnerships.

MS2021 also features as sponsors and exhibitors, a myriad of energy suppliers, and regional and local economic development stakeholders, providing networking and deal-making opportunities for data center operators considering expansion or relocation of existing facilities.  In short, if your business involves blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, IoT, data center operations, co-location, leasebacks, financing, and funding, you should attend Miners Summit 2021.  Register now or contact us with any questions that you may have about what promises to be a can’t-miss event for everyone involved in industrial technology.  We hope to see you there and at our VIP BBQ dinner on June 15th, or on the tee box at our MS2021 sponsors’ golf outing on June 17th.

Register for Miners Summit here. If you decide to join us for the Sponsors Golf Outing, you will also receive the full VIP package which includes the VIP dinner.