Meet Asic Jungle at Miners Summit

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Asic Jungle is a secure platform where miners can buy and sell equipment. Want to learn more, come out meet Asic Jungle at Miners Summit, June 15 and 16 at The Lodge of Four Seasons, in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

About Asic Jungle

Procuring and liquidating ASICs and GPUs are an essential part of the mining industry, and one we are very passionate about. We have had the experience of facilitating these transactions for our clients and have seen the vulnerabilities of the status quo. We recognize the shortcomings of having to work through a third party that controls the information of the transaction. That is why we have developed Asic Jungle to even out the playing field and empower miners.

Asic Jungle is a platform where miners can communicate and transact amongst themselves in a secure and transparent manner. With our current business model, we are all about being up front about our pricing, passing on the spread to the miners while also simplifying your life. In other words, you make more money and worry less.

Discover more about the team at Asic Jungle here. And come out to Miners Summit to work with them in person.

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